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The Blog Has A New Home!!!

January 11, 2013

Hello all! I just wanted to give y’all a heads up that “Last Night a TiVo Saved My Life” has moved to a new home!

Click the link below to visit us there and check out the latest posts.


Thanks for your support and see ya there!



Open Letter From Louisiana to the East Coast States

August 26, 2011

Came across this while on Facebook this morning & thought I would share:


Dear East Coast States,

It’s Louisiana, you know the state with that city in it, New Orleans? Well, I just want to say you are in our thoughts and prayers as Hurricane Irene heads toward y’all. I had a similar situation about 6 years ago to the day, maybe you remember it, Hurricane Katrina? Well, even if you don’t, I do – everyday. I also remember your sentiments toward my “City that Care forgot” which, in a nutshell, went something like this: “They shouldn’t rebuild that godforsaken city! Why would anybody build a city that they know is going to flood?! New Orleans has nothing to offer us anyway, except Bourbon Street and Mardi Gras! Bah! Louisiana needs to forget that city!” Well, I am proud to say that I didn’t listen to the rest of the country and I welcomed back all of my “refugees” with open arms and I have been very happy watching New Orleans rebuild, house by house, pothole by pothole. So, East Coast States, I pray that Irene gets sheared, or pushed off course by an unexpected front. Afterall, I don’t wish any ill will on anyone, especially cities with nursing homes, or hospitals with infants, or people who choose to stay at home instead of evacuating, or the poor who can’t afford to go anywhere but their attic. I also pray that any shelters of last resort are sturdy buildings that won’t succumb to the powerful winds that accompany this storm. But, most of all, I pray that you will be safe and that the loss of life will be minimal. Well, it’s late and New Orleans invited me down for a party tonight, with the promise of beignets in the morning, a roast beef po-boy for lunch and some good fried seafood for dinner. So hang in there East Coast, we’ll be watching this storm with you and praying for a miracle.



Y&R Recap 2/3/10: Damn you for making me cry, Y&R!

February 5, 2011

Today’s episode opened where yesterday’s left off & we get to watch the beginning of the domino effect that will surely take place thanks to the shot heard ’round Genoa City. Poor Cane is on the steps of the church with a gaping wound in his as Lily & Jill lean over him begging him to hold on. The sound of Lily’s cries ripped me to shreds & having those precious babies crying in the background didn’t help keep my emotions in check.  If Christel Khalil Hensley doesn’t use footage from this weeks episodes for her Daytime Emmy reel, she is out of her mind. The moment when Cane takes his last breath & Jill & Lily’s reactions to it was just….WOW! I don’t think I’ve been that moved by a death scene on Y&R since crazy Tricia shot Ryan McNeil. When Lily says to Neil “Pray for what? My husband’s dead! What is there to pray for?” I just about lost it. I’ve often thought Cane was a punk & was of the opinion that he needed to hurry up & get him off my screen but this was just brutal. I wasn’t trying to see him go out like that but damn they are giving us some great soap right now!

Murphy joins Kay & Billy in the living room at the Chancellor Estate & immediately picks up on the long faces & somber moods. They bring Murph up to speed on Jill’s plans to marry Collin that evening & even Murphy is like WTF? Then again, as Murphy reminds them, Jill does what Jill wants, especially when it’s something Kay is against. The writers did a heck of a job foreshadowing what is to come when Katherine says Jill’s decisions have a way of blowing up on all those around her. Never have truer words been spoken by Katherine the Great.

Back at the church, the EMTs have declared Cane dead & it is now officially a crime scene. Malcolm & Neil didn’t get the memo & none of these cops know procedure because they are walking all up, through & over bodies grabbing Lily’s purse. Sophia is the only one thinking with half a brain because she asks for Lily’s keys to take the babies home. Jill has the nerve to ask how this could have happened. Umm….excuse me Ms. Hot Drawers? Dumb stuff usually does happen when you think with what’s between your legs instead of the brain the good Lord gave ya. The man got a whole blown in his chest trying to keep you from making a mistake. I cannot wait for the truth about Collin to come out so we can watch Jill have a meltdown.

Not long after Katherine makes the comment that she wonders what kind of trouble Jill has gotten herself into this time, the woman of the hour walks in covered in Cane’s blood. She drops the bomb on Kay, Murphy & Billy that Cane is dead. Kay can’t believe it & Billy leaves to be at Lily’s side. I love that they still have such a good friendship after all this time.

Malcolm & Sophia are at Lily & Cane’s house taking care of the babies & trying to wrap their heads around what has just transpired. While Sophia is banging out in the shocked stage of grief Malcolm has fast-tracked it to the pissed off stage & I can’t blame him at all. Like Malcolm points out, Cane knew what the deal was with Blake & was fully aware of how dangerous he was. He feels that if Cane had told someone what was going on, things may have turned out differently. It’s understandable that he would have a hard time getting passed the fact that when Sophia found out what was going on she covered it up, placing all of them in danger. Yeah, Sophia thought keeping the secret was protecting the family but it’s not to often that keeping a secret doesn’t end up hurting someone in the end.

Neil finally got Lily to go inside the church & the tears continue to flow. Poor Lily doesn’t know whether she is coming or going. This is where I am glad Lily has 2 dads instead of just Neil. Before any of you start trying to argue with me on this, yes she has 2 dads. Lily recognizes that she does & I would say Malcolm needs to butt out if the circumstances were different. It’s not as though Malcolm decided that he didn’t want the responsibilities of being a father & signed over his rights or was a deadbeat. He was denied the right to be one thanks to Dru being deceptive. Sometimes he can be a little pushy & forgets that up until she was maybe 16-17 in soap years the only daddy Lily knew was Neil. That being said, there is a certain bond there & Malcolm loses sight of that sometimes.

What I do like is that Malcolm seems to be a yin to Neil’s yang, a dynamic that usually happens when people co-parent. For instance, in this moment where Lily just needs someone to listen to her & allow her to sort through these impossible emotions, Neil is the dad there to help her pick up the pieces. Malcolm, being the practical, old school type that he is, was the one who thought to tend to the babies since Lily would be in no shape to do so. This same practicality would be the thing getting in the way of him just being there & listening to Lily, instead of driving home the point about Cane being a liar. Y’all know if it were up to Neil those babies would be sitting right there in the church with them crying their little eyes out & needing a diaper change. I laugh as I type this because I see a lot of my own father in Malcolm & a lot of my mother’s qualities in Neil. If I were Lily & Malcolm were my father Cane wouldn’t have had to worry about Blake shooting him because my dad would have put his foot in his ass before he got to him. He’s not one to ask questions or have conversations & he doesn’t play when it comes to those he loves. That’s just how he roles.

Jill is in her suite at the Chancellor Estate going through her own cycle of grief. Catching a glimpse of her self in the mirror covered in blood, she begins to break down. Katherine comes in to check on her & helps her get out of the ruined wedding dress. This scene was short on words but said so much about the depth of the relationship between these two. When Jill is at her lowest & doesn’t even have the strength to get into her robe, Kay is there to help her pick up the pieces. In spite of it all, when she really needs her, Kay is always there for Jill &, in this moment, she is fully aware of that. In response to Jill saying that Cane may not have been a Chancellor or an Abbott but he was still theirs, Kay says it all by reminding Jill that family is family, no matter what. Take notes kids. THIS is how true soap legends do it! After Kay runs into Collin downstairs, it doesn’t take long for her to figure out that Collin’s reaction to Cane’s death doesn’t make sense considering the two couldn’t stand each other.

Billy has made it to the church at this point & is inside comforting Lily. Malcolm has also made it there & he & Neil are outside sorting through their own feelings about what just happened. Malcolm, ready to kick ass & take names, mentions that maybe this could have been avoided if Sophia hadn’t kept Cane’s secret. Neil, the one who likes to talk about feelings a lot, tells Malcolm that he thinks it speaks volumes about Sophia’s character that she would be so willing to go out on a limb to protect their family. How long do y’all think it will be before Neil & Sophia have emotional sex on a desk or couch?

Lily finally gives her statement to the po-po & she tells them how Cane was a hero who jumped in front of a bullet that was aimed at her & the babies. After hearing this, Malcolm goes a little soft on us & changes his perspective on Cane a little. See Malcolm. He wasn’t all bad. As they leave the church Lily pauses when she sees the spot where Cane died. What is this, Mayberry? Who the heck still uses chalk outlines at murder scenes?

Since when do they allow anyone who is not next of kin to identify a body? Of all people, they let Collin do the honors? Collin & Jill hadn’t even kissed yet so I know the marriage license wasn’t signed. Something about this deal just doesn’t seem legal. Now it’s time for Collin’s pity party of 1 over Cane’s body. I need this dude to shut his face. You called a dude who you knew wanted to pop a cap in Cane to stop yet you are surprised he got popped? Nice try but no cigar, buddy. Blake’s body gets randomly pushed out of the elevator & left in the hall & Collin’s just gotta go look at it. Now we have the PD & the morgue not following procedure. No wonder so many people get framed in GC. By this time, Lily has finally gotten up enough courage to go to the morgue & see Cane one last time. I guess we better go buy another box of kleenex because Lily’s gonna be talking to Cane on the slab tomorrow. Damn you Y&R for making me cry like this!

Until next time…..



Y&R Recap 2/2: Symphony in Slow Motion

February 4, 2011

I don’t know about the rest of you out there, but I don’t read spoilers. That being said, I wasn’t entirely prepared for this episode & found myself in awe of how this episode was written, acted, & shot. It reminded me of why I love soaps & why I’ve watched the Young & the Restless since I was 4 years old (blame my momma for getting me hooked). Here’s what went down……

Lily & the babies have spent the night at Neil’s &, still overwhelmed & stunned by all that has transpired, she’s struggling to sort through her feelings. I can’t blame her. Yeah, Cane was dead wrong for being a lying sack of poo but that doesn’t change the fact that he & Lily have 4 years worth of history together. That history includes a lot of emotion & 2 babies. That’s a lot to sort out for even the strongest person. Knuckle Head Cane is over at the Chancellor Estate talking it out with Katherine. At this point, she is pretty much the only one in town with the exception of Jill (who is too blinded by Collin’s Magic Stick to give a crap about anyone or anything else) who will give him the time of day. Kay is typically not one to pull punches with anyone & I applaud her for checking Cane for not telling Lily everything like she had suggested. Why does this dude continue to think he can keep doing the same crap & get different results is beyond me.

Collin’s over at the only church in GC talking to the only minister in GC about marrying Jill that evening. I about spit my drink out with laughter when the good reverend asked Collin to tell him something about his future wife. 1.) Collin can’t tell you anything about someone he’s known all of maybe 6 weeks if this were real life & 2.) This is proof that Jill only goes to church for funerals & weddings because this is the only minister in town & he doesn’t know her from a whole in the wall. Hahahahaha! Love it!

I found it really surprising that Jillsy Beans had time to invite Billy for a drink at the GCAC yet didn’t find it important to be there during Cane’s crisis. She may have given birth to Billy & known him all his life but we all know Cane is the Golden Child in Jill’s eyes. It doesn’t take to long for her to mention the wedding & for Billy to bust her on the fact that the only reason she is kissing his ass is because everyone else gave her the gas face. I love Billy for putting her in her place when she tried to compare Billy & Victoria’s drunk impulse wedding to her & Collin. Hello! Billy & Vickie have known each other their entire lives. Completely different ball of wax, woman! I also love the fact that when Billy does finally meet Collin he calls BS on him & suggests they live in sin like most people who are madly in love & met last Tuesday.

I don’t know how Lily deals with the pressure of Malcolm & Neil at the same time. There’s the constant pissing match between the two of them regarding who gets to call her daughter & the tag team manipulation when they have a common goal & she’s the key to victory. We see the perfect example of that when Sophia & Malcolm pay a visit. When Lily asks what happened to Sophia’s hand, My Two Dads have no problem letting her know that they think Blake is connected regardless of having no proof yet. This wasn’t done for the sake of having no secrets between loved ones but to make Lily doubt Cane even more. All this does is confuse Lily even more than she already is & now she’s on a quest to find Cane & get the answers for herself. Manipulation will eventually backfire on you, fellas.

Bad things typically happen when people react based on emotion. This is especially true when that emotion is sparked by a phone call or text message. Cane is at the house composing a confession letter to Lily. Unbeknownst to him, Malcolm & Neil have pissed Lily off & she is on her way back there with the kiddies. After getting a call from Billy letting him know Jill & the Crypt Keeper are getting hitched in a few, he reacts by trotting his tail over to the church. Before he leaves he make a call to Collin telling him he’s about to put all his business in the street. If only Cane had shown this kind of gusto instead of acting like a punk all this time, maybe I would like him more. Blake, all set to head back to Australia with his tail between his legs, gets a text informing him that the person whose butt he has been kissing is setting him up. Fuel is only added to the fire when Collin pretty much punks Blake after asking him to keep Cane out of the church long enough for him to marry Jill. Why does Blake feel the need to suck up to Collin so badly? What’s the real reason behind this deep hate he has for Cane?

Katherine’s foreshadowing that nothing good will ever come of Jill & Collin’s marriage & the opera music that accompanied all that followed set the stage for some powerful storytelling. Jill & Collin begin making their vows to one another as Lily & the babies watch (sidenote: Jill’s wedding band is SICK!). Malcolm & Sophia go to Lily’s to check on her & the wind blows Cane’s letter behind the furniture as they open the door (bet Lily will find it at the most inopportune time).  Lily may have heard something outside & goes to check, only to find Blake & Cane fighting over a gun. Doofus took the stroller outside with her & doesn’t hold onto it when she ducks so, of course, it does bouncing down the steps (Why didn’t she leave those babies inside? It’s cold & they live in WISCONSIN!). Paw-paw Neil is there to catch it as the gun goes off. conveniently enough, it went off before Jill & Collin could seal the deal with a kiss (miracle?). Then, the part that had me speechless. Lily yells but there is no sound (a la The Godfather III when Mary is shot on the steps of the opera house**my fave Pacino scene-the rest of the movie sucked**) and the camera pans to Cane lying on the ground with a hole in his chest.

Holy shitsnacks, soap fans! Looks like we are in for a hell of a few weeks with this one!


Y&R Recap 2/1: Blinded by the Peen

February 3, 2011

Today’s Young & the Restless showed us the good, bad & ugly of what happens when a woman is blinded by the peen.

Everything kicks off with Lily going in on Cane or lying to her for the 10 millionth time since they met. Now, I’m not a huge Lily fan but I have to give the girl props for finally growing a pair & reading this dude from the roota to the toota. The sob stories & excuses that use to work aren’t & Lily told Cane to get the hell out of her house. Seems motherhood has done what our yelling at the tv for the past 2 years could not: Lily may be cured of her dependence on Cane’s little friend.

Ms. Sophia lucks out & doesn’t get hit by the motorcycle that was gunning for her. Oddly enough, Neil, Malcolm & Officer Friendly are all withing shouting distance & they come running before she even hits the ground. The only thing Sophia saw that would identify the driver is that there was a skull on the helmet. Low & behold, who would be in possession of such a helmet? Ya boy Blake. No surprise he went after her. She had just finished chewing him out inside Jimmy’s just moments before.

The next member of Peen-aholics R’Us we come in contact with is good ol’ Ms. Jenkins, who’s getting some work done at the ranch. The Stach comes in & lets her know what went down in court. Dianne, no stranger to custody battles, points out what all of us were thinking: Sharon brought this on herself. In a rare display of emotion, a somber Victor notes that nobody won today & it was hard on everyone. This was a surprise coming from the man that makes everything a competition & will lie, cheat, & steal from his own children to win. Maybe Colleen’s heart is having a little slight effect on him. Of course Hot Pants Jenkins saw this as an opportunity to run over to the tack house & be a “friend” to Nick. Oh to be a fly on the wall when Victor finds out these two have been dippin & duckin on the ranch behind his back! Seeing how he reacts to everything else, Jack might have Dianne back in family court with a custody battle of her own when he catches wind of this.

If ever there was a poster child for women who lose all intelligence when they get a piece, Jill would be it. She & Collin are at Crimson Lights discussing plans for their upcoming wedding when Malcolm & Neil walk in with a bruised Sophia. Sophia recalls everything that happened to an eager to listen Jill & Collin. As soon as she mentions the helmet, Collin knows it was Blake on that bike & calls him to say dump it. When the Winters clan begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together Jill is reluctant to believe this is anything other than a coincidence. Collin orders Blake back to Australia because he is getting sloppy & may blow his cover.

Back at the ranch, nosey ass Kyle is looking at pictures & asking Victor questions about his relationships that are beyond his years. Considering Victor’s mood since leaving court & the fact that anyone else having this discussion with him would get the gas face, it makes sense that Kyle is the one chosen for the task. Vic is feeling all soft-hearted & offers to take Kyle snowmobiling. Who else besides me laughed out loud when Victor said he was gonna pop wheelies & do donuts on the snowmobile?

Dianne is on Nick’s couch doing such a good job of convincing him that he has made the right decision regarding Faith that he opens the door for them to hook up again. I don’t get it. Is Nick that good in bed that this chick is willing to risk facing the wrath of Victor AND Jack for? To convince her that he’s not going to change his mind, Nick gives her a kiss. What are we, 12? They decide to make it a romantic night & cook dinner together. Before R. Kelly’s “Sex in the Kitchen” can start playing in the background, Kyle calls with the news that Vic busted his old ass trying to pop a wheelie on the snowmobile. Hehehe! Patching up Vic turns into family movie night with Dianne & Kyle. Vic hasn’t had any since Nikki went to rehab so it’s only a matter of time before he starts sniffing around the Dianne tree.

Of course Sharon is having a pity party & blaming everybody but her own dumb choices for losing custody. The only person listening to these violins is Adam. He threatens to go punch Nick’s lights out but all Sharon wants is for him to hold her. This is one of those Doris Collins “Sharon girl!” moments.They both feel screwed by the world so they make the pity party a joint affair. These two deserve each other.

Before chucking the deuce on GC, Cane decides to make a video for the twins. Lily makes it back to the house before he leaves & of course he tries to plead his case to her again. He’s come up with a plan to leave town & wants her & the babies to come with. In so many words, Lily tells him to kiss her ass. Real men don’t run from their issues, bitches do. Good girl! Cane says goodbye to the twins & we get to see the cute little munchkins. The look on Mattie’s face the whole time Cane was talking read “Whatever!”. I guess she’s just as tired of the BS as her mom is.

Until next time……

Y&R Recap: Mad Day in Genoa City

February 1, 2011

Seems just about everyone in Genoa City was fighting mad today & there was confrontation around every corner.

Adam & Jack are teaming up again for the sole purpose of saving their damsel in distress Sharon for the millionth time & take down Victor Newman at the same time. Phyllis called it when she said these two were “Heroine” addicts. The last time these two teamed up with the intention of taking down Victor it backfired in their faces. I guess old habits die-hard. I have a feeling this is just going to turn into a pissing match between these two & that will ultimately be their downfall.

At the GCAC, Victor & Nick are going over some business & the subject of Faith’s custody comes up. Victor offers to help Nick get full custody but Nick declines the offer, pointing out the fact that Sharon has probably put the nail in her own coffin with the murder wrap she’s up against. In walks Michael Baldwin like a judiciary fairy godmother with the news that he has already spoken with the judge & she wants to revisit the custody ruling in light of Sharon’s arrest. The money the Newman’s pay Michael must be a small fortune because this dude stays on it. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Leslie Abrams is phoning Sharon to let her know she needs to put on some clothes, put the baby in the car & head over to the court-house. Of course Sharon is still trying to psych herself out with that wing & a prayer believe that she & Faith “belong” together. Is there ever a moment when this chick doesn’t have her head in the clouds?

The most-fabulous-looking-recently-fired-person-on-the-planet Sophia meets up with Tucker at the GCAC & he is as mad as a fire ant. He is quick to tell her that he is not there to make nice. Tucker wants to recoup the salary paid to Blake & he doesn’t what she has to do to get it. We also learn there are plans to bring larceny & fraud charges against Cane & Blake by the DA. Tucker informs Sophia that he fully expects her to cooperate or go to jail, not pass go nor collect $200.

During this exchange we finally get some insight into Sophia’s background. It is revealed that back in the day Tucker & Sophia’s father became close after Tucker did a guest lecture in one of his business classes. Apparently Tucker was at the house so much that it sparked little cheerleader Sophia’s interest in finance. Sophia’s dad nearly lost his tenured position at the university when he started a company in his class & didn’t cut the school in on the profits. To save his friend, Tucker lied to the board & said it was his company. Tucker doesn’t believe that his covering for Sophia’s dad is the same thing as Sophia covering for Cane. The exchange ends with both of them saying they are disappointed in one another & Sophia claiming Cane as her family. Guess she didn’t get the memo that none of the Winters’ are claiming him anymore.

Has Lily finally grown a pair? Of course after she puts Cane out Malcolm & Neil come running. I co-sign with Malcolm when he suggest that the let the mob catch Cane & beat his ass. Neil & Malcolm both tell Lily that she needs to cut her losses since all dude does is lie. Maybe she hasn’t grown a pair because she is quick to point out that she doesn’t know what is gonna come next. Glutton for punishment?

Of course Cane trots his trifling behind over to the Chancellor Estate to plead his case to Kay & Jill. As usual, Jill tries to downplay everything Cane has just confessed to. What is it with Jill & Cane? Why does she continue to give this dude a pass yet she doesn’t give Billy the same courtesy? Thank God for Katherine being the voice of reason & asking the questions that should be asked. Of course Collin pops up at the mansion. This dude oozes shade. Collin reminds Cane to do as he says because he can’t be stopped. Besides, Jill’s simple behind is already blinded by the peen, making her gullible enough to marry him after knowing each other all of 5 minutes & easy to kill once he’s her beneficiary. Cane is such a punk that he gets rattled by Collin dropping a picture of Jill in the living room & he gets Kay to call Lily on his behalf. I wish the Mob would hurry up & off this dude. Kay smacking Jill for popping off at the mouth about Murphy was awesome. How dare she compare Murph to that slime ball Collin.

Things heat up at the courthouse where Sharon (loving the Jackie O-esque ensemble) & Nick are fighting it out for Faith. Sharon can’t help but plead her own case instead of letting Leslie do what she is paying her to do. She is quick to tell the judge that the only reason Nick wants custody is because of who she chooses to be with, not because she may be doing 20 to life soon. She then points out that she didn’t trust Phyllis but didn’t fight him for custody of Noah when he decided to start a family with her. I swear this chick is as dumb as a bag of rocks and I couldn’t help but laugh at the side-eye Nick was giving her the whole time. Yeah, Phyllis is a little nutty & she was foul for sleeping with your husband. Last I checked, the person you have chosen to be with stole your baby, made you think she was dead, caused Ashley to miscarry, made her think your kid was hers, & tried to frame his father & brother for murder. If there were a ball or puck involved in this Sharon could easily be featured on “C’Mon Man!”. The judge must have thought the same thing because Nick was awarded custody.

Ms. Sophia goes to Jimmy’s for a much-needed drink & runs into Blake. Sophia ran up on Blake like she was a dude. She was ready to get it on & poppin & informed Blake that Tucker was on a mission to send him to the pen. When Blake leaves the bar he is none to pleased. When Malcolm shows up to the bar, he & Sophia have it out. Typical lovers’ spat with Malcolm saying he needs a break & headstrong Sophia saying “Get ta steppin!”. Can’t blame her for being upset that he is bailing in the midst of a challenge. After Malcolm says deuces & walks off in anger, Sophia steps into the street & his hit by a motorcycle. Wonder who the driver is?

The episode closes with Lily pouring her heart out to Cane & asking him if he has finally told her the truth about everything. Of course he can’t say yes. His lies will never end. Jill & Collin leave the Chancellor Estate together with plans of marrying very soon. Jill’s pathetic need to be loved is getting old.

Stay tuned to see how this all plays out. Until next time…….


YouTube Hot Mess of the Day

January 28, 2011

I am truly at a loss for words after seeing this. I don’t know whether to laugh, utter WTF or take a shot of tequila.